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Little Lalies

Light Up Dog Collar for Night Walking With 7 Colours.

Light Up Dog Collar for Night Walking With 7 Colours.

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Material: Nylon
Product Category: Collar
Can it be stretched:
Color: green, pink, red, blue

Specifications (length * width): S number 2.5 * 40CM, M number 2.5 * 47CM, L number 2.5 * 5

  • Super Bright with 7 Color Options. Press and hold the Light up dog collar power button for 1s to turn on the flashing dog collar, and the 7 vibrant glowing colors will cycle and flash, making your dog more noticeable in the dark or dim environments, preventing them from getting lost and avoiding potential accidents or hazards. Change a color every time you press the power button, you can choose any color you like. Press and hold the power button for 3s to turn it off.
  • LED Dog Collar USB-C Rechargeable. Compared to the traditional way of replacing batteries, the charging function of illuminated dog collars is very time and energy-saving. Simply plug it into a power source or the USB port of a computer to easily complete the charging process, without the need to frequently purchase or replace batteries. 2H of charging, lasts about 10H. Whether it's for traveling or outdoor adventures, you and your beloved dog can enjoy wonderful moments to the fullest.
  • Water-Resistant and Durable. LED dog collar is made of high-quality water-resistant materials, with sealed interfaces to prevent water from penetrating into the electronic components, protecting the internal circuits from moisture interference, so the LED dog collar is excellent durable. Whether your pet is engaged in outdoor activities or playing in water (please keep away from seawater), dog light collar will always maintain good water-resistant effect.
  • Adjustable Fits Small(Not Suitable for Puppies), Medium and Large Dogs. Our light up dog collar with non-slip adjustment ring allows for easy resizing, the high-strength nylon material gives the light up dog collar nice tensile properties. Whether it's the power of a large dog or the activity of a small dog, it can withstand the test . Before placing an order, please measure your dog's neck circumference with a soft ruler and choose the right size (leaving one to two fingers of space).
  • Made of Comfortable and High Quality Materials. Light up dog collars uses super strong 100% polyester webbing that without causing any damage to the dog's fur. The high-quality material, comfortable fabric, robust construction and adjustable design ensure the most comfortable wearing experience for your furry friend. It also features a quick-release buckle for easy wearing. LED dog collar is easy to clean and of high quality and will designed to last a lifetime!

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